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Sales Quality Research Group, Inc. is one of America's leading providers of market research services for financial institutions. The company has assisted its clients in conducting well over 250,000 in-person and telephone shops of retail bank employees, as well as investment and insurance sales personnel for all types of financial institutions nationwide.

Retail Bank Research
While Sales Quality Group initially specialized in investment shops, its retail bank research has expanded significantly over the past decade, and today represents over one-half its annual business. Since 1999, Sales Quality Group has conducted almost 200,000 retail bank shops and surveys and has developed an extensive normative database for the most common sales and service quality criteria (stand, greet, smile, ask name, use name, explore needs, test for acceptance, ask for commitment, etc.). Sales Quality Group also conducts “competitor” shops in several markets each year and shares those results with its clients.


Investment Program Research
Sales Quality Group’s investment program mystery shopping studies are designed to address all relevant OCC, FDIC, FRB, NCUA and FINRA/SEC guidelines and regulations dealing with “oral” sales presentations made in a bank setting. Sales and service quality issues measured include a combination of relating, discovering and advocating skills typically used in the counselor approach to selling. Study results will also help the organization to identify the specific skills, activities and behaviors that drive the success of their top producing Sales Representatives. Sales Quality Group also conducts Customer Callback studies for investment sales programs to generate valuable customer attitude and opinion data on the performance of the investment sales program.


The Educated Banker
The Educated Banker is a state-of-the-art interactive online learning system designed to provide financial literacy training.  As the name implies, the Educated Banker was developed specifically for the employees of banks and other financial institutions.  In contrast to other training programs you have seen and used, we do not focus on specific product training or sales training.  Instead, our focus is to help you provide comprehensive financial literacy training across your entire organization - with specific training and testing programs developed for licensed bankers and other customer facing employees who are expected to refer.


Sales Quality Research Group conducts Branch Referral Studies, Customer Satisfaction Studies and Focus Groups for banks throughout the U.S. In addition, the company conducts Call Center shops and e-mail inquiry shops for several dozen banks and credit unions. Our experience in these areas will help us design an effective study of your Call Center operations.