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Prophet Survey System

Sales Quality Group uses the Prophet survey system produced by Archon Development. This system is a user-friendly way to collect, analyze and report mystery shop, branch audit and customer survey results. Clients' study results are available in real-time at a customized web link (e.g.

Key Features

  • Mystery Shop, Branch Audit and Customer Survey Integration
  • All client data, regardless of source, is housed and managed in our data system. The client will be able to compare and correlate data together in various ways, such as comparing customer feedback surveys with mystery shopping results.

  • Dashboard and Executive Summaries
  • The system allows users to customize exactly what one sees at log-in. The dashboard allows a user to get a snapshot of their project in a matter of seconds without having to navigate through vast amounts of data. Dashboards can include report pages or drill-down-style graphs, and can also be customized so that users can quickly see the data that interests them.

  • Statistical Reports
  • Reports feature summarizes a wide range of data on virtually any criteria, providing totals, counts or averages.

  • Graphing
  • Users can create graphs on-the-fly of any report data. Graphs are printable and can be placed into popular applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

  • Real-time Data Views and Queries
  • The views feature allows powerful drill-down capabilities in real-time. Views can be easily customized and configured to group, sort, and categorize data based on project needs. Queries can find data matching any criteria chosen.

  • Email Triggers
  • Automatic emails can be sent to relevant personnel and can be restricted to appropriate management. Emails can include PDFs and/or web links to data.

  • On-Demand and Automated Data Exports
  • Any information input can be sent via e-mail to anyone with one click. Exports can be scheduled to run automatically and to send data in virtually any format - PDF, Excel, XML, Text-delimited and more.

    Sales Quality Research Group has created a "demo" website that allows us to take you through the entire mystery shopping process. The website also serves as our project design “playground”, so we have lots of mini-projects going on there simultaneously. Because of this, we prefer to conduct live demonstrations for prospective clients and would be happy to arrange such a session for you at an early date. Please feel free to contact Sales Quality Group at 480-967-7500, or email Jim Rensel or Bill Gutkowski to obtain a password and arrange for a demo. Then click the button below to log in for an interactive demonstration.




    In the meantime, we would highly recommend that you take a look at the automated demo available at the Archon Development website. This flash-based demo does a great job of walking you through the key features and benefits of the Prophet Survey System, all in less than 15 minutes:

    Watch the Demo

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