Customer/Member Satisfaction Studies 


Sales Quality Groupís In-Depth Qualitative/Quantitative Satisfaction Study provides both quantitative satisfaction data, along with extensive qualitative data in the form of customer/member comments on various elements of the survey. A typical In-Depth Survey includes twelve to fifteen questions and asks for member comments after a half-dozen key questions. In addition, our interviewers are asked to drill down on customer responses, asking follow up questions to clarify exactly why a customer/member feels the way they do. An In-Depth Survey can be designed to incorporate all NPS Survey questions so it can also serve as the benchmark round for future NPS Surveys.

Sales Quality Group’s “NPS Plus” Style Customer/Member Satisfaction Study is primarily a quantitative survey vehicle, similar to other Net Promoter Score surveys you read about in industry journals.  These surveys typically include 6 to 9 key questions, including the central NPS question, “How likely would you be to recommend Patelco to others?”  Our interviewers always drill down on the answer to this question and provide you with detailed customer comments.  We also automatically provide you with “critical incident reports” when the customer declines to complete the survey, but expresses some major concern about their relationship with Patelco.

The “Plus” in our name for the NPS-style survey refers to the fact that we are able to analyze, present and display all key results from the NPS Survey in Prophet System in a format very similar to the way we display your branch and Call Center shop results.  With NPS Plus, the Prophet System will provide extensive analysis in the form of charts, graphs, tables, trend-lines, branch rankings, etc., and even provide branches with anonymized report cards on each survey.   And all of this can be done at extremely attractive unit costs.

While we are capable of conducting small-scale studies in-house, for larger scale studies we have partnered with WestGroup Research (hyperlink to web address) for the past 15 years.  WestGroup is the largest research firm in the Southwest and has a 50-chair state-of-the-art call center.  They conduct thousands of customer surveys every month for everything from governmental agencies to financial institutions to manufacturing firms.  They also have extensive experience conducting NPS style surveys.  And one of their principals, Ed Bergo, has now retired from WestGroup, but continues to work with us under an ongoing consulting arrangement (see our website for further information on Ed’s background and experience).

Pricing: The cost of conducting customer/member surveys is surprisingly low - typically $15 to $35 per completed survey, plus set up and reporting costs.  The actual cost will vary based on the complexity of the survey, the average length of interview, the call completion rate and the quantity of surveys completed.  The number of completed calls in a retail bank setting is typically based on the number of branches and the number of branch transactions conducted each month or quarter by each branch. 

If you would like additional information on Sales Quality Groupís Customer/Member Satisfaction Studies, please contact Jim Rensel at (480) 967-7500 or email Bill Gutkowski or Valentina Zeff.


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